Friday, April 18, 2014

冬瓜桂圆糖水 Winter Melon Dessert with Dried Longan

冬瓜         1大片(如图)
桂圆         一小把
冰糖         适量
水             1litre

  1. 冬瓜去皮,去籽,洗净后刨成丝。
  2. 取一锅注入水后,加入冬瓜丝,大火煮至滚后,转小火煮约1个小时。
  3. 桂圆洗净后,加入水中,继续煮约半小时。
  4. 加入适量的冰糖调味即可。
备注 :

Ingredients(2 servings):
Winter melon         1 big slice(As shown in the picture below)
Dried longan          Some
Rock sugar            Add to taste
Water                    1 litre

  1. Cut off the skin of the winter melon, and de-seed it. Then, shred the winter melon after rinsing.
  2. Pour the water into a pot, add in the shredded winter melon. Heat it at high heat until it boils, then, lower the heat and cook for another one hour.
  3. After rinsing the dried longans, add them into the pot and keep on cooking for another half an hour.
  4. Add some rock sugar to taste. Ready to serve.
I did not add the dried longans at the beginning. This is to retain some sweet taste of the longans so that it will not become tasteless at the end.
If you are not going to eat the longans, you can put them into the pot and cook with winter melon at the early stage.


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